traditional swiss rösti with cheese

there was this blissful escape to the snowy (!) swiss mountains, including a secret, closed (invitation only) dinner kitchen party in a temporarily (due to season-break) closed hotel that my friend and i hosted in the hotel’s kitchen. in other words: it was dreamy. by now, i start to fear that you are growing jealous of my ever fabulous life… well, wait till you read this post, friends.
my old friend vreni of the german fashion blog never ever ever has asked me 10 questions that i am more than happy to answer. check out her unique, cheeky, eclectic and sometimes unexpected (haha) style! to warn you off: there is almost a cult around that girl, i tell you. well done, little miss fancypants! i’m proud of you. also, you know, those times we went clubbing with our sunnies on, they were secretly fabulous, but let’s pretend they never happened, anyway. okay? smile.
so here goes everything:
1. as you look past your computer right now, what do you see? a pair of really oldschool, granny-style nice, hand knitted (not by me, ahem) bed socks with a huge pompom that warm my feet. vreni, you’d probably dub them ‘a never ever’? oh, whatevs.

2. which future project are you most excited about? just one project? hmm… hard time making up my mind between the ‘thanks giving party with turkey gunther’, the ‘christmas wreath making with girlfriends’ and ‘catering a top notch zurich christmas apéro’… or maybe simply the shopping spree in london*? * sorry, i just realised that’s probably not a “project” per se… i just thought that sounded so fabulous, chuckle.
3. what’s on your wishlist for christmas? actually – and i know how that’s a pretty intimate thing to admit (…), and i really hope it won’t make you feel awkward –  i’ve only recently thought about how i don’t want anything that you can buy with money. i just want a really nice love story. you know, a love that will last, just for me. and one with a happy end. oh, and wrapped with an emerald green satin bow. pretty please? yeah, the list might be short – but the wish is pretty decadent, haha.

4. what’s your worst experience as a blogger, so far? well, that must have been the time a blogger “friend” whom i contributed recipes for etc. (let’s not go into detail… it makes me cry) turned out to be a cheat. or maybe the fact that writing about ‘love’ and ‘dating’ is a major turn-off to potential date candidates? haha. so i try to limit these posts (and don’t always stick to my resolution, sighs).

5. and the best experience? it might sound cheesy, but every single comment and feedback i receive is still a highlight for me. i appreciate how people take their time to reach out to me and, occasionally, it really makes my day to hear a reader’s thoughts. so many like-minded people out there that i get to meet through the blog. it’s a blessing!

6. what are you currently craving? uhm, i just came back from my friend’s birthday dinner party. no more food! but ask me again in an hour in ten minutes and i’ll probably say: ice cream! haha.

7. what’s your plan for blogging? and is there a “plan b”? well, blogging is just this fun little side project and hobbie for me, really. but then again, i can’t picture my life without the blog, or the cooking, or the photography, anymore. so, i guess the interwebs wil just have to put up with me for a couple of decades longer! everything is possible. maybe a shop one day?

8. which brand are you currently obsessed with? i’m not very loyal to brands, i fear (does that make me a total fashion loser?). rather, i’m driven by products, patterns and a certain look and feel? but i’m definitely obsessed with all things anthropologie (also for christmas gifts!). oh, and i wouldn’t mind these classic, wintery sorel boots! i plan to buy them every winter, and then, well, life is what happens. i’m still sorel-boots-less! scandalous.

9. what’s your beauty tipp of the moment? as with the heating and the dry winter air, i love the refreshing kick of caudalie’s eau de beauté. instant wellbeing! i use it everywhere! my colleagues always say it smells like a sauna infusion… (i can only hope they mean it in a positive way?).

10. if you could shut down your computer right now and call it a day, what would you do with the rest of the night? well, considering it’s pretty late now already and i got wasted at my friend’s birthday dinner, i think i’ll really just call it a day now, like, proper bed time. maybe i’ll dream of my gift-wrapped hunk (see point three)? nighty-night, lovelies!
thanks vreni, that was fun! now, i’ll challenge my three, fabulous fellow foodie friends (the ffff, haha), coco of coco’s cute corner, sylvia of superfoodista and carol of milk and mode to share something about themselves. are you happy with the same questions? (note: i might or might not be too lazy to come up with a couple of new ones, see point 10, chuckle… bed time. now. yawn). 
oh, and about that food pic up there… it’s a traditional, swiss rösti – aka potato latkes i think you call them? – smothered in a creamy, rich, swiss raclette cheese. it’s completely unhealthy and unreasonable to eat it on your own, but, you know, it does happen. recipe, uhm: i don’t think that will happen today. sorry (yes, it’s a first, and i hereby declare firsts are good, even if they mean there won’t be a recipe). ta-da!
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