thrifting in zurich

the flea market season will soon make way for more indoor oriented activities (sadly). and since you know how much i love all things vintage, thrifting and flea markets in general, my mom and i made the most of it and went to the flea market in zurich on buerkliplatz just one more time. afterwards, it means a long, long winter period without any treasure hunting. alas, i soaked up everything even more carefully this time around. we completed to lovely ante meridium with a lavish lunch at our favorite spot, the old fashion bar, which we had almost to ourselves to enjoy and celebrate my mom’s belated birthday. the club sandwiches there are notorious! i’m smitten with the tiny mayonnaise and ketchup jars, so whimsy! enjoy your well-deserved hibernation, flea market in zurich. see you next spring! 
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