fall vignette

i’ve always loved to decorate my home according to the season, with candles, flowers, natural produce, goods from the forest, books and trinkets. now, i want to make this obsession with decorating a regular feature here, called ‘vignette’. where i style corners of my home in a sort of still life scene, just for the love of assembling and arranging pretty things in a neat way. and also, because i love to have my favorite things displayed around the house for while. i’ll then go and change the vignette style up again within a couple of days or weeks. so you’ll keep track of random things in my home and enjoy a couple of moody pics at the same time. first off, a fall vignette with acorn pumpkins, a couple of my favorite books, a vintage soupière with gold rims, a new (to me – but vintage) tea jug that i brought home from amsterdam and some green, daisy like flowers. happy fall.
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