with love from amsterdam

looking at these pictures alone makes me want to go back… normally, i’m the type of girl who’s just happy with where i live and my life here in switzerland. it’s the place where i happened to grow up, but also, i don’t live here out of laziness or fate, but because it’s kind of an active choice for the destination switzerland, you know? i love this country, and zurich in particular. it’s traditional in a sometimes quirky way, and i love the swiss people. we’re gentle and friendly (when you get to know us).
but… amsterdam was really something. i’ve alwasy been a big london fan and i always thought i would love to live there, for a while at least. now it turns out i’m almost as smitten with amsterdam. who knew? and that that’s the european city (of course of the places that i’ve already seen, which, granted, aren’t that many…) that captured my heart the most. it’s so buzzing, friendly, easy-going, down to earth, harmonious even and fun. life there, to me, seemed totally carefree and ‘light’. i could see myself having a family there, with a tiny, leaning old house and, of course, an army of bikes in front of the dark green painted front door. it might never happen (and if it doesn’t that’s fine) – but in any case i’ll make sure to pay that beautiful city regular visits in the future and get my fair share of ‘dutch ease of being’.
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