beauty elixir

this is my favorite beauty product of the month october: caudalie eau de beauté. it’s a spa-flavored (meaning minty, rosemary, herby kind of smell) mist that hydrates, smoothes and refines the skin and makes it radiate with essential oils and ingredients like grape-seed and orange blossom essences. apparently, it’s based on queen isabella of hungary’s youth elixir. that fact alone made me wanna try this latest beauty multi-talent. and then, it’s also only every celeb and model’s favorite trick up their sleeves, or so it seems. everyone seems to sport one and sing praises onto caudalie. well, if that’s not worth trying i don’t know what is. 
how to use? you just spray it onto your face for an extra freshness boost, or after you’ve applied your make-up, to fix it and make it fresh & dewy looking.

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