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friends… i’m packed and ready for the food and photography workshop in amsterdam! that is: if i ever really get there… i won’t lye to you: my suitcase is almost exploding. it will probably cause the plane to crash. but hey, in addition to the 5 pairs of shoes i do have a lot of photography gear to bring… like i even brought my tripod! a tripod! in a suitcase, you guys. it’s a teeny bit crazy. just how i like it.
here are some more pictures from the last supper: ingredients with a lemony flavor. san pellegrino limonata that i’m crazy about (like, crazy-crazy), a bunch of lemon-thyme from my mom and lemony verveine-citronelle (fresh!) in my favorite en soie jug. natural goodness. 
ps: i’m hoping i will come back with tons of bits (foodwise) and bytes (picturewise) (haha, that was such a funny one, scarlett). obviously, i’m going to exploit everyone’s hands for my pictures! once you have the chance to show your food in motion or with hands and actual people (eep!) i mean i think i won’t be able to get enough… hands everywhere on my future posts, be assured. can’t wait to share everything with you once i’m back. so excited!
ps2: oh, and btw: i’m staying at a place called ‘the flying pancake’, and i’m in the ‘chef’ room (there was also a room called ‘pilot’). how cool is that? it’s destiny. and a well intended portion of destiny is always welcome in my book. happy everything! love, s
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