a day on the lake

this post is so very long overdue… obviously, the pictures were taken in summer (on the 1st of august, to be precise, aka swiss national day) on lake zurich (although that does sound pretty strange in english… it’s simply ‘zürisee’, around here, you see…). it was the first time sailing for me. okay, my stomach did go all higgledy-piggledy fluttery… but i was fine in the end (aka when the boat was not standing still, which, considering the windless day, was pretty often, actually… tough luck). 
by now, the heat waves are over, the tan has been replaced by pale face, arms and legs (not a pretty sight) and the lake isn’t as inviting anymore to dip into. but hey, summer will be back.
for now, i’m only feeling so very lucky that the preso tonight went well (i think), i’ve been thinking that i’m surrounded by so many gorgeous, beautiful, life and fun loving, generous, funny people… in my life in general. i am truly blessed. and it’s just the best thing to feel like ‘people get you’. do you know the feeling? like, you can be as crazy as you want (read: as you always are) – and still feel like people don’t look at you funny the minute you start rambling on about some weird thing like cupcake toppings that you eat by the spoonful or a new dress that you had to have although it pretty clearly resembles a tent (for four people). when people don’t roll their eyes because you are talking and mostly laughing to loudly (sorry, it’s a bad habit), or because you tend to be a bit touchy-feely (read: cry-baby) – about both, bad things but also good things (so? i like to cry, okay?). it gives you that cosy feeling when you just know you’re at the right place. in your job, in your life (maybe, sometimes), on this day. 
ps: as always, thanks for lending me your pretty red-lacquered-mani hands, feet and hearts, friends. you are the wonderfullest, you know, i really dig you.
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