viva engiadina

home. it’s good to be back home – or so i always thought… tonight, though, i’m feeling a little off. i spent the weekend at my friend’s in the mountains, in beautiful engadine, to be precise. we went paddle boarding early in the morning on the (ice cold, just to boast a little about how tough we are) lake st. moritz, hiking twice (where we picked the last, remaining flowers), had an awesome lunch on top of the mountains and i even managed to squeeze in a run around (said) lake. the trip was so calming and energizing. it felt like the good, fresh air and the last summer sunshine were filling my heart and soul. 
in the train back, though, my previously lifted spirits got bluer and bluer (having to listen to two old cute-looking but rather annoying ladies can bring you down like that…). life in the city is so different. everything suddenly felt louder, dirtier, stinkier when i got back. like the senses have been sharpened in the pureness of the mountainous nature and under the vastness of the clear, blue skies. let me see how i turn this strange, post-mini-holiday off-feeling into getting-shit-done-energy; because there is this huge presentation on tuesday and then… well, then i’m off to amsterdam for four days for a food styling and photography workshop hosted by meeta of ‘what’s for lunch, honey?’. can’t wait! counting down to thursday evening. i will tell you everything when i’m back. for now it’s down to business… what do they call it? first work – then play? wish me luck.
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