women… we’re so simple. but why are we so hard to get? i don’t get it. it’s confusing. today, simply a couple of nibbles* (euphemism for leftovers, hadiha), picture wise, i mean (and not what you think). thanks for your sweet and funny comments and for reading and for helping me be inspired. it’s such a lovely journey.
ps: this shoe-shot (i have a thing for that, everyone who follows me on instagram knows) was taken last saturday. those were some of my female guests’ feet. isn’t that a sweet coincidence? some call it serendipity, even. animal print is a definite winner! 

okay, and totally going to post the recipe for the heirloom tomato lime tart,  just, well, some other time. same with the italian apricot sheetcake (which was divine, btw) and the semifreddo di fragole. wince.

i think the office might swallow me whole this week… no time to make the bed in the morning. no time to fill the fridge (massive issue). no time to clean the dishes (luckily, there are none, because i’m never at home for a minute). let alone treat myself to a mani/pedi (i know, so boring anyway, duties, duties…). so, i’ll just leave it at hello and goodbye. for now. but i’ll be back, harrrrharrr. stay foolish, friends. xx

ps2: should the ps: always be at the end? i think.

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