tea time with olivia

sighs of blissful bathing in memories… tea times. what’s not to love? scones, handpainted porcelain your mother gave to you and then gets a heartattack whenever she accidentally sees it in your home because she misses it so much in her own home, pretty tea selections, rose buds, extra bergamot flavored kandis sugar (yes! it’s a winner!), steaming tea, flowers, good company. it mus be like that in heaven, tea times all the time. a ‘tea around the clock’, so to say. minus the clingy-to-porcelain mom, maybe (you know i love you mom). 
scones recipe here. honestly, i think i got so quick and skillful at scones, i could probably do it the minute i get up after a sleepless and/or hungover excessive night, with the eye patch(es) still on and one hand on my back. okay, i’m awfully show-offy today. but hey, if you’ve got scones skills like that, then you are officially allowed to boast.
isn’t olivia such a nice name? i kinda think my daughter might be called olivia. my imaginary well dressed toddler daughter, by the way (it’s so hilarious, check it out, you must! thank you). 
on with the merry tea drinking! we drink tea and/or we call our moms, it’s how we work, right?
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