mighty citrus supper teaser

big bash yesterday? oh, pretty much, yes. if a dinner party can be called ‘bash’ (but i guess in my age it does, it’s the decade of the dinner parties, chuckle). 14 amazing guests, one menu, 6 courses, all about the ‘mighty citrus’ – or so it was thought out. though actually, since it isn’t really citrus season (hello, savvy cook, might as well learn something about the availability of produce… maybe?), i had to eventually cave in and reduce my plans to a couple of year-round citrus (limes, oranges, lemons, kumquats…). yeah, not very exotic. therefore i spiced the menu up with a ‘fusion’ theme. mixed mediterranean with a couple asian touches. lots and lots of limes went in my pots. 
‘mighty citrus / fusion’ supper menu
heirloom tomato lime tart 
treated tofu (marinated, deep fried, grilled) skewer 
with mango and kefir limes
chicoria salad with tagetes
signature lemon dressing
‘ceviche’ from raw seabass
with grapefruit jus d’agrumes, centaury and zucchini brunois
veal ‘tafelspitz’ with lemongrass cilantro rub
crunchy bok choi, thai brocoli and long beans
chocolate mousse (from maracaibo grand cru) with caramelized fleur de sel macadamia nuts
and orange tea cakes on orange blossom grand marnier sauce
chocolate coated candied orange peels 
fresh citronelle-lemongrass-mint tea
so, friends, i was taking care of the mess (it was so worth it) half of sunday, and then the other half i spent creating a new one (friend over for tea – so much to share!). i guess life is for creating messes? you’ll be updated soon. until then, i’m wishing you a wonderful week! stay tuned. kisses
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