life, styled: thrifting

today, i’m happy as a clown to introduce you to a new feature on the blog, called ‘life, styled’. i’ve been dreaming up this latest rubric for quite some time, not really knowing what to do with it, properly… but it sort of becaume clear that i just need a vessel to post things that i dream up; events, outfits, dinner parties, picnics and such. of course you need the right attire, matching shoesies, maybe a hairstyle to go with it, activities, the right food, entertainment. basically everything to go with this life slice, so that it will be a stylish event, if you want. so ‘life, styled’ was born. with ‘life, styled’ i’ll feature certain occasions or activities and things to do, wear, read, eat, buy and make that match the occasion. got the concept?
actually, you were given a sneak peek a while ago here – with the theme ‘chalet getaway’ (almost a year ago! eep! some things take a while to breed… slooooowmotiooooon…. btw i still think that was a pretty cool post, maybe i’ll update it?).
this time around i imagined a weekend entour ‘thrifting’. firstly, i like the word ‘thrifting’ – secondly, i definitely like all things flea market, vintage, treasure hunting, bargaining (okay, i’m a crap bargainer, but i mean in theory… the concept of bargaining is nice, right?), farmers market visits in the wee hours, weekends spent leisurely strolling around market stalls, imagining the stories of good old things, exchanging pleasantries with the sellers, carefully selecting special, strange colored heirloom vegs, then going home and enjoying the treasures. feeling homey. 
to go thrifting, it’s essential to wear something cosy, comfortable, maybe in layers (as you might be outside and switch to shops and back all the time) and definitely weather proof (impromptu rain, y’all… big in switzerland). so i’d opt for a comfortable knitted skirt, a light blouse, nerdy glasses (to give you that expert look when you’re scrutinising a vintage soupière or silver cutlery), ballerina flats in an already fall-approved color, a large basket and fun earrings to take the edge out of it.
or maybe a chic leather skirt (pleated! swoon…) dressed down with a headline tee (i go nuts for this ‘sorry i’m totally rad’ one), a bit of color & pattern with a leopard bag, a geeky notebook (to take notes at the vintage stall and look extra scary and professional, smile) and comfy patent loafers. isn’t this wool knitted beanie with the two (!) pom poms to die for…? anyone of you a knitting expert? because i can’t live without this beanie this fall. i’m paying good money, gold, silver….? 

when it comes to what to buy at the flea markets, well, that’s a tricky one… i find that thrifting always works best for me if i have a list on hand of things to look out for. because what you’re looking for you see. i usually go for vintage, floral plates (perfect for a girly tea party) and soupières, of course (i started a collection, long ago, but i’m still stuck with only 5 pieces… those things need a lot of space, omg…). of course, while we’re at it, throw in some convenient at home onlien shopping, maybe..? scented candles to enjoy a good cuppa strong black tea at home. and then of course the ingredients for a luxurious bath to unwind from the stresses of money spending…? haha.
when i go to the market on the weekends, i usually stop after the shopping for a tea at the local café (sprüngli, ofc). to keep me entertained (and look adequately nerdy), i always bring a book. this one, ‘why we broke up’ is a novel, sort of a collection of crowd-sourced break-up stories provided by hundreds of random people from all over the world, combined in one book. i bet it’s a great read, imagine it to be just the right bit of depressing balanced out with fun.
when you’re home with your new treasures and fresh food, make something quick and simple. like a deconstructed lasagna or a heirloom tomato salad with quinoa. toss, serve. enjoy.  plus, you might want to make the most of the season while it lasts – so better to jam and can now than never. oh, and cookies, of course? you know, for an impromptu movie night at home, snuggled up on the couch.

jamscookiesdeconstructed lasagnaheirloom quinoa salad

ps: for more inspiration asap visit my pinterest boards (it’s love).

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