focaccia alla mamma

just got back from a fairytale wedding in meersburg, germany. who knew this area is like disney world? it was so romantic! filled with so much love. my love account is full now, will keep me going for a while. i’ll live off sunshine, fresh air and the memories. happy sunday evening, friends! may the week be a blessed one. xx

focaccia alla mamma

ingredients for the dough:

500 g flour
1 tbsp. salt
25 g yeast
3 dl (about 1 cup) warm water
5 tbs. olive oil

for the topping:
tomato sauce
canned artichokes

dried oregano
drizzle of pesto
whatever your heart desires; rosemary & garlic is a great combination as well


mix the flour with the salt and create a little hole in the middle of it. mix the yeast with a bit of the warm water, pour it into the flour-hole. cover the yeast-water mix with a little of the flour and let stand for ten minutes. in the meantime, add olive oil to the rest of the water. after the ten minutes, pour the water-oil-mix into the flour and mix the dough either with a mixer or by hand in the bowl for at least 8 to 10 minutes. cover the dough and let rise for at least 45 minutes or longer in a dry, warm place. ‘slap’ or depuff the dough together. to shape the dough, use a little flour and some olive oil. don’t worry, you can’t harm the dough, simply treat it as long as it’s the shape you want. we usually place it on an oiled baking sheet directly without a parchment paper. add a couple of spoonfuls of tomato sauce, chopped canned artichokes, sprinkle with dried oregano, and whatever else your heart desires. season with fleur de sel, add a drizzle of olive oil and bake for 15 to 18 minutes. when out of the oven, drizzle with pesto and serve warm, because when do you ever get a warm focaccia. 
and by the way, that’s my mom’s living room. isn’t it classy? always fresh roses. okay, i’m jealous.
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