fennel carpaccio & supper #5

omg, i haven’t yet shared the supper #5 with the theme ‘dolce far niente’ (sweet doing nothing) with you, have i? i’m awfully lazy. no, actually scratch that: i’m awfully busy. a friend of mine recently said ‘we’ve got to stop the glorification of busy’, and god, do i think she’s right? i do. but i’m also just really busy (sorry). as in: never at home, or home very late, or on the run, or simply exhausted. or melted, mind (it’s. so. hot. aargghh…). but i’m catching up now, promise. here goes:
fork and flower supper #5
dolce far niente
carta di musica and olive gigante
moscato d’asti
arancini di riso on microgreens
(especially provided to me by urban farmers)
carpaccio di finocchio (fennel carpaccio)
melanzane alla parmigiana 
foccaccia di rosmarino
orecchiette (fatti in casa) con sugo di pomodori gialli
e cacio ricotta
gallino al forno e contorni verdi (piselli freschi con menta e brocolini con peperoncino)
semifreddo di pistacchi
individual tiramisù di fragole
affogato di caffè con crema di pistacchi o con gelato di vaniglia
biscotti (cantuccini)
what do you think? okay i know what you think. another pretty extensive menu. am i right? but not to worry: only tiny portions, tiny portions, of course. we don’t want our supper guests to fall off their chairs, mid menu, understood. i think this one was a pretty close shot, though (of course, all my guests have tiny stomachs, so tiny… sighs… it’s a chef’s fate… people’s diets will kill me early on…).
and this, my loves, is the carpaccio di finocchio. hands down, not the best of shots. and hands down, it would, normally, feature parmesan shaves on top, in my kitchen. normally. and let’s just make it pretty clear: the fact there isn’t, in fact, any cheese, has nothing to do with any sort of diet (ugh). but rather with the fact that the menu was, hearsay, pretty vast (as stated above). that and the people’s tiny stomachs caused me to adapt. so i thought it best to spare the extra cheese (also, there was more cheese later – melanzane alla parmigiana – and even a bit later – orecchiette cacio, blah). it still is one of my favorite simple salads, this carpaccio di finocchio. and no cows involved. bonus! it’s healthy, refreshing, a good year-round alternative (fennel is also good in winter), tangy and just a little bit unknown because it’s shaved and it looks cool and messy. i said – and i’m the chef.

carpaccio di finocchio – fennel carpaccio

2 fennel bulbs
1 lemon, juice
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. fleur de sel
1/2 cup parsley, finely chopped

clean the fennel bulbs and remove the outer layer. with a mandolin, finely shave the fennel. then immediately marinate with the lemon juice (to prevent it from turning brown). add the olive oil and season with salt. let marinate for about 1/2 hour (not that much more and not that much less, as it might turn soggy but it needs to be a bit softened up). before serving, sprinkle with the finely chopped parsley. stir to combine again and serve. you can add a handful of parmigiano shaves on top. or to change things up use mint instead of parsley.
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