summery ceviche with grapefruit

what a weekend. so hot! i stayed inside all of saturday, doing nothing, hiding from the heat. okay, so i had a bit of a hangover. no, okay, i had a massive hangover (friday night was just too good for words). and it wasn’t exactly the worst idea to stay inside, anyway. in the evening i went to see the movie ‘despicable me 2’ (cool cinemas? i take that anytime over hot, stuffed bars…). have you seen it? it’s hilarious, a heavenly fun pleasure.
we made ceviche in france, with really fresh fish. the citrus makes it the perfect summer starter. i’m such a fan of ‘tex mex’ food (sorry, i call it that, ignorantly… i hope it’s sort of the correct term to use, you get the picture, right?). but of course, you already knew that. happy sunday evening! xx
ceviche with grapefruit

4 rougets fillets (or other sushi quality fish fillets)
1 grapefruit – for the flesh
2 lemons – one for juice and one for the flesh
2 limes, juice
1 tsp. fleur de sel
1 handful cilantro, finely chopped
finely chop (almost mince) the fish fillets with a sharp knife, and place in a bowl. add the lemon (from one lemon) and lime juice immediately, so that all of the fish is covered the juice. the citrus juices marinate – actually sort of ‘cook’ – the raw fish. it will look white and ‘done’; the citrus makes this process happen. anyway, so take some cover with cling film and put it in the fridge for four hours. 
in the meantime, prepare the citrus fillets: cut off the peel of the grapefruit liberally, so that all of the white is removed. now fillet the grapefruit: with a short knife, cut out all the flesh segments left and right of their skins. place them in a separate bowl. proceed the same way with the lemon. finely chop the cilantro. when the fish is done marinating, season with fleur de sel, add the citrus (grapefruit and lemon) segments and the cilantro. stir to combine. ladle the ceviche into bowls, leaving out some of the excess marinade / citrus juices. serve chilled, with a baguette on the side and a cerveza. cheers!
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