crème de la crème

my mom keeps making up stories about how i had no humour, whatsoever, as a kid… apparently, i started to cry when someone was having fun (justification: our family is pretty loud and… funny). i can totally see your unbelieving eyes! yes! i don’t believe it either. me, not funny? i’m SO funny! i mean, i’m fun on legs, if it isn’t obvious.
to proof you my ability for fun, i swear i’d be up to wearing these shirts, without a doubt. and ‘crème de la crème’ in reference with me is pretty ironic, isnt’ it – since everyone knows i’m well the cherry on the top of de crème de la crème, and no less. hadiha. it’s kind of a foodie’s must-have sweater. i’ll wear it to serve bubbly, nicely chilled and all with this silver bucket. i mean, there will be colder days and all. so it’s kind of vital, too. and yes, while we’re at it, i’ll take the ‘fuck it let’s drink’ shirt (i adoooooore this so much!) and large diptyque candle, too, thank you very much. something for the home, something for the soul, something for the fun of it. a couple of things for the obsessed foodie, however non-food this may be, so to say.
what are you currently lusting after?

crème de la crème sweater here
fuck it let’s drink shirt here
silver grace ice bucket (similar one) here
diptyque large baies scented candle here

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