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after what feels like pretty much of a collection already, i found myself two new perfumes that i can’t live without this summer. well, actually one was a gift from my dear friend nina, she brought it back from new york. so it rather found me than vice versa. it’s pretty difficult to find a fragrance that really suits someone else – but this tonic one is a 100% strike. thanks again, sweetpea!
number one is west third brand’s tonic fleur en fleur, a very refreshing, summery, cool scent that reminds me of a sparkly cocktail, something like a pimm’s, ice cubes tingling in the glass, a mint leaf on top. maybe a skimpy bikini, and definitely a foot massage (given to you from a hot guy, understood). throw in an indecent flirt with one of the bar tenders, and you’re good to go! or put differently: tonic fleur en fleur has got a good hint of fruitiness without feeling overly sweet; so this could easily be a man’s signature scent, too (minus the bikini, obviously) – and i love the idea of sharing a fragrance. sexy! another plus: don’t you just love the cool flacon? it looks so handmade, vintage american. like whiskey. or tonic, buaha.
number two is penhaligon’s artemisia. it smells wildly soft and powdery (which i’m crazy about, as you know), a bit like a boudoir but with a fresh and clean accent (like… clean sheets, won’t be a bad idea in a boudoir). i can’t help but think of pink peonies, too? yup, definitely pink peonies. i feel sophisticated and extravagant when i’m wearing this, without ending up to ‘madame-y’, but instead still with just the right amount of cheeky girliness *andwiththatichucklegirlishly*.
sighs, i love you, good smells. it can turn your whole day around to put on the right perfume in the morning; like magic. switch! and you’re suddenly a different person. girls, get your perfumes out! 
and with that, i’m wishing you a happy weekend. i’m at a friend’s wedding at the most beautiful location in lucerne (my home town! bonus!) – and i’ll get to see my brother and my ex roomie, keks, the next day. double bonus! can’t wait! x scarlett
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