peachy white wine sangria

i haven’t exactly been to spain (let alone any latin-american country). it seems like everyone has been, though. and they all come back marvelling at the food… it’s supposed to be great. well, i guess my mexican fiestas are as far as i went with experimenting in that field. but the fact that i somehow always ended up in the south of france in summer instead of anywhere else, well, it isn’t too bad either. and we thought we can still incorporate some exotic / spanich essentials. what comes to mind? sangria! olé! andele, andele! or something. limited spanish skills aqui.
sangria is a wine punch typically made with red wine. but as it was a hot summer day, white wine was more suitable and so much more refreshing. i chopped up a significant amount of white peaches, oranges and lemons, that sure looked their part thrown into the jug. and the taste was equally good (hicks). be careful though if you consume it in the heat – because this sure goes down like syrup… i suggest you start off with a little bread, dips and tapenade to build some proper ground. at least, that’s what i had. la vida loca, indeed.

peachy white wine sangria

1 liter white wine
3 organic oranges
2 organic lemons
1 white peach
0.5 dl cointreau or triple sec 
2 tbsp agave syrup (we used it to substitute the sugar, but you can also use sugar, naturally)
1/5 liter lemonade
handful mint leaves
1 cup ice cubes

juice two oranges and one lemon. wash the remaining orange and lemon as well as the peach. slice the remaining orange, lemon and peach into thin slices. pour the white wine in a jug, then add teh cointreau, orange/lemon juice, sliced fruits and agave syrup. cover with cling film. refridgerate for a couple of hours of overnight. shortly before serving, add the lemonade,, fill up with ice cubes and decorate with mint leaves. serve ice cold. drink, then eat the drunken fruit.
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