chairs for life

have i showed you my new chairs before? i mean, properly and in all their shining (nickel*) glory? here they are. i’ve always wanted to get these chairs, actually. for years i’ve been dreaming about them. i ended up actually ordering and paying them too – only to pull my order back at the last minute. don’t ask me what kept me? it’s just that maybe so much plastic (i needed at least 10 chairs for my large table) might look odd, after all. so after much hither and tither (and a significant amount of time with only four chairs and no proper dinner parties for 14…), i ended up making a last minute, spur of the moment adjustment and got me these vintage tolix, french bistro vibey beauties. once they were in my dining room, i wasn’t really all that sure anymore. but after some sleep and us getting used to each other i must say i’m really smitten with them and wouldn’t trade them for any ghost in the world.
* i’m freaking out minor incident… a friend dined at my place as a supper guest, wearing a sexy skirt. and no tights (i envy your permanent tan, l *smooch*). you know what happened? turns out she’s allergic to nickel. need i say more? sorry you’re in pain, sweepie! i prescribe lots of ice cream (because it’s good for anything, even an itchy bum), an extensive massage and dinner (and while we’re at it also breakie…) served to your bed by your lovely boyfriend. sounds good?
** note: the two stars (<<) don’t really relate to anything but i figured that after these depressing news everybody needed some thorough cheering up… so yeah, i’ve now got silky smooth, alpaca (or something exotic?) baby sheep skins for the chairs, to cover my precious guests’ precious bums, next time. no nickel drama, ever again. phewww.
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