raw baby vegs – served in clay pots

happy sunday everyone! this weekend, i successfully (or so i think) hoested supper number 4, ‘childhood memories’. this was the ouverture: raw baby vegs (tiny cucumbers, fennels, white, pink, striped and black radishes as well as yellow, orange and purple carrots) served in a clay pot with dips (hummus and a dill curd) on the side. it was a wonderful night! 14 friends and acquaintances made their way to my home. i served them good food, but they gave me so much in return: flowers, chocolates and goodies – and last but not least their elaborate thanks. which is a chef’s best salary. i feel truly blessed. and while the non-stop cooking is exhausting (blown up legs, burnt fingers and blistery soles, anyone?) to be a host and to entertain is the best thing. i’d even go to such length as to say that spending a day cooking, however physically damaging (haha), is more rewarding than simply being lazy. in fact, i’d always prefer a busy day to a lazy one. 
special thanks to my friend ki who was an angel to help me serve our guests, clean the dishes and follow my (sometimes hectic) instructions – all night long. hey, partner in crime, you definitely have it in you! i can tell now. 
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