raw buckwheat muesli & 25 random things about me

for all of you who have been reading my blog for a while, there arequite possibly a few things you know about me. quite possibly, you’ve learnt that i’m a worrier, that i never wanted to grow up, that i am not particularly fond of would do anything to avoid phone calls and. see, i’ve revealed quite a lot. to add a little spice, here are some more, and random, things about me. reason why? i guess i just really love lists (another random fact about me).

1. as a toddler, i used to have extremely curly, incombable hair. so my mom made a bow around my head.
2. people say my dance style needs getting used to (and a lot of space). i don’t blame them.
3. there was a significant phase of step dancing in my past. and in fancy dress, too. sweet, i know.
4. i have this inexplicable, intense girl crush on zoey deschanel. period.
5. luckily, i’ve now got digital tv (to record anything with zoey deschanel in it, obviously). 
6. i don’t have this ‘i’m fed up with this song because i’ve listened too it for too long’ gene.
7. though i’d love to wear heels, i just don’t like them on me.
8. i must have watched ‘arielle the mermaid’ over 200 times.
9. at a certain stage, i even believed i morphed into arielle. my ‘arielle-show’ was (still is) pretty convincing.
10. i don’t have stage fright. which can or can not be a good thing when it comes down to it.
11. while all other kids couldn’t wait to be grown-ups, i hated it to have to grow up.
12. i can cry and laugh at the same time (my best friends can testify – it has happened only recently).
13. okras give me the creeps.
14. chickpeas might be my favorite thing on earth. 
15. i’m dreaming of a birkin bag (but then again, aren’t we all…).
16. i broke my arm in gym at the age of ten. since, i’m skeptical towards any kind of extreme sports.
17. in kindergarten, i gave a boy i liked my brother’s he-men (i didn’t ask my brother first).
18. when i was 4, i wanted to marry the neighbor boy. when asked why, i said his voice was so lovely.
19. i can’t roll the “r” properly. it freaks me out!
20. board games bore me to death, though i always pretend i love them (more social, keep up the facade).
21. though i love kids, i’m not sure i want my own.
22. everything in my home looks in order – on the outside. if you look in the drawers, that’s a different story.
23. i hate cellars at night (or any time).
24. there have to be more soupières (and tableware in general) in my life. i’m crazy about them.
25.my favorite style of traveling might be roadtrips.

despite my obviously crooked and sometimes strange little life, i actually kinda love it.
raw buckwhea muesli 
1 cup buckwheat
1 cup quinoa milk
1 tbsp. pollen
1/2 cup yoghurt
1/2 cup mixed berries
2 tbsp. maple syrup
soak the buckwheat in the quinoa milk overnight (put it in the freezer). drain any excess quinoa milk should you wish. top with yoghurt, berries, maple syrup and pollen.
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