green salad with beech tree leaves


there is this slightly odd new obsession with greens from the forest: ramsons (they make total sense), but also dandelion buds. and now beech leaves. gaga, i’m telling you. my mom came up with it, apparently that’s a super delicious salad addition? and it was. only that you don’t really see it on the picture, the tiny soft green leaves just disappear among the bigger salad leaves… but rest asured: beech tastes wonderful! especially with the world’s best salad dressing.

green salad with young beech tree leaves

1 green salad of your choice
1 cup young beech leaves
+ world’s best salad dressing

wash the salad in ice cold water, shake dry. make the dressing. arrange the salad on a plate and drizzle with the dressing. decorate with beech leaves. serve.

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