ode to milano

our weekend trip to milano is already way in the past… in fact, i almost forgot about the pictures i took. but then they appeared in the hidden corners of my computer… probably not the best pictures ever taken to do milan justice. but it sure is a nice city, with lots to offer. good food! shoes! charming italian men (huge difference to swiss men… let’s just say i’ve got experience, uhum…)! sunshine! with only a good 2 hours’ drive, it’s close enough to hop over for a weekend or a day, even. and as i said before: a little italianità goes a long way; and the changes of routine leaves you refreshed and inspired. ready to face whatever challenge.
oh and ps: this is for my new friend, andy, from the us. he’s written to me to say he likes my folk favorites and the travel pictures. that’s what motivated me to bring up more of each. thank you, andy!
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