vegs with black olives

what makes a date a good date? if you asked me (of course, no one ever does…) the answer would be: ‘the food’. and i’m not even kidding (i know… i’ve come this far…): i honestly think the food makes the difference. not the person you’re dating and are spending some time with, mind. because that’s obviously totally insignificant. all that matters is: how’s that pasta, al dente? and that cake? is it nice and moist? chocolatey? yeah, you got it, i’m food centered and superficial. or maybe i’m just easy to please. also, quite disenchanted. you knew that, right?
but anyway, isn’t the main goal of a date to enjoy yourself? well, and i enjoy myself with good food. and i’m talking starter, main and dessert. not some ‘pushing the salad around on the plate’ and leave hungry… no, no. and i do believe it’s legitimate, if not brutally realist, to do so. so – guys, you can get your notepads out at this point – the perfect (not just good) date would involve cheese, maybe. a really nice selection of proper cheese, some baguette, maybe a few grapes. and, hmm, i’ve also got a scenario for the perfect pick-up… but i’m already over-sharing again (duh… i was so vowing to improve…) – so for now that’s it from the scarlett dating diaries. also, you need something to look forward to (i can hear you moan, there, in the last row! tut-tut…). sadly, since i’m not sharing the pick-up story now, there is no link to the recipe. shmeh. 
vegs with black olives
4 white asparagus
8 wild green asparagus
2 carrots
2 purple carrots
1 cup black olives, pitted
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 pinch maldon sea salt (don’t use too much, the olives might be salty already)
heat water in a large saucepan, season with salt. in the meantime, wash the vegs. peel the carrots, and slice in thin, long stripes. blanch the vegs in this order (so you don’t spoil their colors): the white asparagus (for 3-5 minutes), then the green asparagus (for 3 minutes), the orange carrots (for 3 minutes) and last but not least the purple carrots (also for 3 minutes). the water will turn completely purple, it’s normal. cool down each veg individually in ice cold water. in the meantime, chop up the olives, finely, mince the garlic and combine with the olives and olive oil. season with some salt, if necessary. arrange the vegs on a plate and drizzle with the olives pesto.
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