scones with chocolate butter

there are moments when i’m just blissfully happy, with my plain little life (in spite of everything). the best moment of the day? to come home to a clean, tidy, peaceful, cosy flat that’s all mine. i never thought i’d actually say this, but i really enjoy living alone, in my own little haven. the perks of living alone: i can keep it the way i want to (including decoration, which, you would never believe it, actually has potential for fights with boyfriends, or at least with my exes, ahem). i clean when i feel like it (which is rather too often than not enough… i’m a bit of of an ocd case…). there is no one i have to take care of, no one to discuss my worn-out, holey leggings that i love to wear (of course i would never do that – i was just speaking hypothetically…). there doesn’t have to be a three course dinner every night. when there is nothing left in the fridge except some tahina and some harissa – i just order in a greasy pizza. there doesn’t always have to be healthy fruit in the bowl. sometimes i am even completely wild and just leave the dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight. madness, i know. but life is good when you’re free and bold and determined to enjoy the little things. like freedom, home sweet home, peace, a decadent scented candle (lit just for you), a cookie dough ice cream (eaten out of the bucket, of course), dinner that consists of a packet of crisps and music at 6am that’s so loud it could cause your ears to burst. my personal formula for a life on the edge, haha. how are you living on the edge?
ps: i hope you don’t get tired of my scones-rut… i’m obsessed! i need to bake them, incessantly. on saturday mornings at 7am, mainly. my freezer is bursting as i speak! someone help me. i hope it will ebb down, in due time… anyway, so these scones here are the same ones i make all the time. but the chocolate butter… a new thing around the fork and flower home base. i have a feeling this is going to cause a lot of trouble… edgy. here’s how you do it.
chocolate butter with pistacchios

100 g (1 bar) dark chocolate
150 g butter
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar
1/2 cup ground coconut
1/2 cup pistachios, coarsely chopped
coarsely chop the chocolate and melt it in the bain marie. put aside for a few minutes to let it cool down slightly. add the butter (it shouldn’t melt too quickly, otherwise the chocolate is still too hot). stir to combine. add the sugar, coconut and most of the pistachios, leaving a few tablespoons full out. leave to cool and harden slightly at room temperature. the butter should still be creamy, so don’t put it in the fridge. spread it into a bowl with a spatula, and top with the leftover pistachios. serve with warm scones (if you can keep yourself from licking it by the spoonful in advance…). 
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