cookbook review: what katie ate

it’s been ages (or at least it feels as such) since my last good read. i think maybe over christmas? since, i’ve picked up a few books and started, languishing between the pages, undecided weather really to start or leave it right away. i’m normally a solid book worm – i normally read a book per week! – so this is actually kind of a surprise to myself… sometimes, when i’m not in a reading phase, it’s due to a lack of good reads, for sure. and maybe there isn’t a book on my nightstand at the moment that really has the ability to catch me from the beginning. but somehow, i think the main reason for my reading abyss is the lack of ‘time’ (i can hear you all groaning… so tacky, i know). today, i woke up surprised to find that it’s already april! april, you guys! we’ll soon find each other in knitted jumpers with reindeers on them, sipping eggnogg, again, i tell you that much! the year is just flying by. and strangely, i have a feelign it’s because i’m mentally so distracted and thus somewhat absent from the real life… it’s work, eat, cook, sleep – on repeat. not that that’s really bad. but just the life as i knew it has changed. and with it also the ‘routines’. so there isn’t so much reading anymore, which i mourn. i miss my early nights tucked into bed with a cup of herbal tea, losing myself in the pages of a heavy book, and the feeling that life is still always unexpected and with surprises at any corner. the books give me that feeling! that anything is possible, that something exciting is about to happen in life. it’s good to live life like that, i think, it keeps your mind open for the good things. there are definitely not nearly enough books and made up adventures in my life, at the moment, but i’m hoping that there will be a few slots for good reads this week.
what i always find the time for is a good read in the shape of a cookbook. i’ve had ‘what katie ate’ on my radar for a long time, then i finally ordered two copies (the metric version, with grams) but had to wait for them for ever. so in the meantime, impatient girl character that i am, i went to get the american (i think) version (with cups and ounces, sighs… it’s a drag… but still, i’ve got it! it’s all that counts when you’re cookbook craving…). this book doesn’t let you down! obviously, katie’s dishes are the best styled in the world! but also, i often find that her recipes are rather… complex and laborious. and i don’t really like either of it. i like fast and impressive, as you know. so for me it mainly serves as inspiration, general mood, and styling ideas. and for that, it’s a really good read, indeed.
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