preserved lemons

to preserve and can things at home makes me feel in control… life is good with preserves. like, come what may, i can still cook dinner for a crowd. and that’s way more worth than money – if you ask me. but then again, i’m a foodie, i’ve got my focus and i’m probably biased… so don’t ask me.
if you ask me, however, i’d tell you that preserved lemons are a good thing. you’ll be able to use it for a lot of things; like most middle eastern dishes. but also a lot of mediterranean or common everyday dishes can use a a generous, zesty twist! it adds “ooompf”. hands down, taste is the driver for foodies. but there’s even more worth mentioning about preserved lemons; namely that it’s also super healthy! the preserving enhances the good things that are inside the lemons (i.e. vitamins) and makes the nutritious beneftis even bigger (okay, here stops my humble foodie know-how and i’ll pass you on to the experts on this matter…). 
conclusion: it’s good, it’s healthy and you can stick your tongue out at winter (there!). something fresh, tangy and springy in a jiffy is what we need, right? and make it pronto, please. batting eyelashes.
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