porridge with passion fruit

as a couple, sundays used to be the best day of the week. with a gold rim. blissful happiness, sleeping in, no big plans, time for each other, maybe a long walk, leisurely lounging around in the living room, snuggling up, enjoying the home. now, however, sundays are back to being tough for me…
on weekdays, what with work, i’m so distracted and have a lot going on. i meet friends on 3-4 nights on weeknights, so the moments of peace and quiet are rare. then the friday nights are usually spent either going away to some place for the weekend, or with a casual dinner somewhere. on saturdays i’m usually busy organizing things; cleaning the home a bit, going to the shops, cooking, preparing a big dinner. so far, so good. 
but it’s the sundays that are, at times, awfully tough. they bring with them a kind of dilemma. because on the one side, i am looking forward to some much needed sunday relaxation by myself and enjoy every minute of sweet doing nothing all by myself – but of course, having time for myself doesn’t necessarily mean i don’t want company. why don’t i change that? because let’s be honest, sundays are the holy grail of coupledom… and when you’re not one part of a couple, well, it can be tough. on every other day, i wouldn’t feel lonely when alone, because technically you could call someone and meet up spontaneously, in a whiff. on sundays… you can’t. or maybe i just wouldn’t. the barriers to calling a coupled person on a sunday to say ‘hey, hi, would you like to go for lunch with me? or maybe a walk? or brunch? or tea? just a cup of tea, maybe?’ are too high. maybe the coupled people would meet me on a sunday – but it just feels rude to ask them. so, more often than not, i spend my sundays sleeping in (that means i’m wide awake by 9am, at the latest…), read a bit, have breakfast, take some pictures, blog a bit… and then… loneliness would hit me. 
i know it’s kind of a tabu topic. so i’m not talking about it. but honestly, sundays can be cruel… i’m just saying. what i am doing against it is, i’m planning lots of weekend activities, like going away for 2 days. that helps. or cooking 17 hours straight for a supper club on saturday – so that i’m near comatose on the sunday and oblivious to loneliness. a good technique! in any case, and i can’t help it, that’s the reason i am most looking forward to about not being single, again: your sundays have a meaning again, even if it’s only hanging out in jammies and eating frozen pizza and leftovers. do i sound desperate to you? i can figure… 
anyway; another weekday, another porridge! it’s quite the obsession. this one is pretty simple to whip up. just cook the oats in rice milk, add a teaspoon of almond butter, then pour the pulp of two passion fruits over it (nice substitute and change to the regular maple syrup). 
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