home made winter

i love winter and all, but i guess it can be exhausting, too… this massive, endless snow… morning after morning the world is dunked in a sugary white coating. and the repeating question ‘what should i wear today? oh, not the chunkiest knit i have, again…’. honestly, i am longing for spring. 
the only reason though to hold on to the gloomy, cold, dreary winter weather is this cookbook by yvette van bower. it’s called home made winter (how nice!). i only got it a couple of weeks ago. there are so many nice recipes in it –  arrrgh, and i’ve only been able to cook one dish out of it so far (a very tasty daube provençale, for that matter…). so uhm, okayyyy, here’s the thing: could we hold on to winter for a little longer, say, four weeks? and then we’ll skip the slush and move on to daffodils, daisies and birds singing in the trees? so that we can enjoy the kale, stews, sausages, daubes and pies while we can… stay safe and warm.
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