addictive candied cranberries

the events of the last weeks, however stressful, strangely gave me a lot of energy… until now that is…
the last weekend included the most beautiful wedding with the most beautiful (from the inside and the outside) people i’ve ever been to. a wonderful feast of love, amazing food a chance or two to dance (and fall on your ass, as we were in the middle of a snowstorm in the mountains). anyway, i knew i just couldn’t go on with the same speed for much longer. the end of my energy was looming over me like a fluffy cumulus cloud. and ta-di-fucking-dah: i sure came down with a cold (not a really bad one, but hello barry white voice!). and the sleeplessness that’s been haunting me sure didn’t help… the medicine? some love and some care, and lots of vitamin c! aye!
re. vitamin c (i love a good change of topic): i made this batch of cranberries a while ago, before christmas. we wanted to use the sweet and sour, refreshing little bombs of goodness as a decoration for our christmas desserts (or just to nibble on whenever, actually). but they were so good and so addictive.. i just couldn’t stop nibbling… (ahem). and… well, to be frank, they might have ended up in drinks, too. but for a cranberry there could be worse scenarios than to bathe in an old fashion, together with some angostura and whiskey, surely? hicks. right. note: they did give the drinks a healthy kick, obviously.

addictive candied cranberries

2 cup sugar
2 cups water + 1 cup sugar for coating
2 cups cranberries, rinsed and picked over

first, make a simple syrup: combine the 2 cups sugar and water in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. cook for 10 minutes, until a part of the water is dissolved. remove from the heat and let cool for a moment. stir the cranberries in the syrup (careful, if the syrup is too hot they will crack open!). they need to soak overnight, and that’s all you’ve got to do. when cool, cover with a lid and leave to candy (is that even a verb? it must be…) overnight in the fridge. the next day, strain (keep the syrup if you like, it’s got a nice taste of cranberry *surprise*) and roll in the rest of the sugar to coat completely. 
enjoy as a snack, as a garnish for porridge (i tried it, it’s heavenly) or pierce onto some skewers to use for drinks. options are limitless. your vitamin c household will thank you – your sugar levels… maybe not so much. but everyone knows sugar level is a bitch.
note on storage: i did find several sources saying that those candies will last for a few days, only. well, honestly, it’s a surprise if they last longer in your house, in mine they sure didn’t… but if you want to store them, make sure you cover them in enough sugar (maybe pour some over it) so that the sugar can soak up the excess humidity. store in an airtight container. i kept them in the fridge, but i rather think a cool, dry space would be better.
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