folk favorite in january: the lumineers

it’s not every day that i discover music that really sticks with me for a long time… so i’m all the more glad that my infamous (even though i keep his identity secret) friend keeps providing me with ‘timeless masterpieces’ (he told me to write that, ahem, classy as ever, he is…). thank you, the nameless guy!
okay, so, were i to choose a soundtrack for my life, the lumineers’ light and breezy folk-rock is something i’d subsribe to, without second thoughts. it’s (strangely) happy and positive music, despite their undeniable melancholy that’s hidden behind all the cheerful ‘heys’ and ‘hos’. and we all know about my undeniable soft spot for melancholic shit (emo that i am…).
i’m particularly like the song ‘ho hey’ – wouldn’t it be a brilliant track for a wedding video, i can’t help but think? – because, as it happens so often with music, the message gives me hope:
Love we need it now
Let’s hope for some
So were bleeding now
I belong with you,
you belong with me
You’re my sweetheart
picture source: the lumineers
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