silver linings

last weekend came with the best of all distractions: a girls’ movie night. i’ve been curious about that movie ‘silver lingings playbook’ for quite some time – and i wasn’t disappointed… it was drama-comedy, alright; i.e. just what i needed. you know; cry a little – laugh a lot? or maybe vice versa. either way; it was the perfect combo of drama and absurd, funny situations. anyway, you should go see it for yourself, so i’m not elabortating on the content of the movie. the thought that impressed me the most, however, was pat’s conclusion about the crazy institution called life. he said: 
“the world will break your heart ten ways ‘til sunday, that’s guaranteed and i can’t begin to explain that or the craziness inside myself and everybody else. but guess what? sunday is my favourite day again. i think of everything everyone did for me and i feel like a very lucky guy.” 
– pat, in the ‘silver linings playbook’
despite the craziness that is my life (hopefully it’s reduced to the moment), i’m also, and still, thankful for a lot. for example the amazing weekend (it will be amazing, that much i’m certain of) that lies ahead of me. and also, there must be a reason for everything (i mean in life, generally) right? right. enjoy your weekends, friends! stay hungry and foolish, enjoy some crazy fun without thinking, and never give up on those silver linings! amen.

xo scarlett

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