indian cauliflower chickpea curry

though i admit i am very much (too much for my liking…) into sweets, candy, fried stuff and other junk foods… it’s sometimes also lack of healthy options in every day life that drive me to substitute with sweets. i actually much prefer a good healthy meal to every junk offered. problem is though that in switzerland (even in a city that has so much to offer like zurich) it’s often downright difficult to find good, healthy food. especially on the go – which of course as a working woman i’m quite often. 
the prepared salads you can find here are often lacking creativity… we’re talking lumpy, boring green leaves (mostly tasteless), with a rotation of tomato slices, carrot strips and cucumber (if you’re lucky…), and of course the same boring, unimaginative dressing all the time. let’s put it straight: it’s not something i’m looking forward to every day… in fact, the salad offer is driving me (and a few of the friends i have, so i’m not alone there) crazy! longingly, we’re looking to london’s massive offer of healthy, quick lunch options. from chickpea or lentil salads, to tabboulehs, quinoa, buckwheat or farro (…you get the picture…) – you’ll find it without any hassle, in every corner of the city. lunch is something you can utterly look forward to in london! i’d happily switch my boring salad routine for one of london’s quirky soup shops, too. duh, life is so unfair. would it not be for my lovely home and friends here – the food would definitely be a reason to move abroad… and i’m not joking. 
of course, if you want see change in the world – you need to be the change (a good saying goes), right? so i’m keeping up the cooking in my tiny kitchen. and i’m keeping up the dreaming, of better salads, healthier alternatives, inspiring little treats that make our (often hard) days worth the effort. that’s what i do; improve the dull days – one meal at a time… 
this indian cauliflower is healthy as healthy goes. wholesome, flavorful, rich and creamy.
indian cauliflower chickpea curry

1 large cauliflower, cut into tiny florets
1 large can chickpeas, drained
2 tomatoes, concassé (peeled, deseeded and chopped)
1 onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 piece ginger, grated
1 chili, chopped
1 large cup (250 ml) coconut milk 
1 large cup (250 ml) good tasting vegetable broth, or more if needed
1 tbsp. tomato purée
2 tbsp. gee or olive oil
1 tbsp. curry powder
1 tbsp. indian curry paste
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. garam masala
1 cup spinach leaves
salt to taste
harissa or chili paste, to taste
handful cilantro leaves
heat the gee in a wok. sweat the onion for 1-2 minutes, until translucent. add the garlic, chili, ginger, curry powder, curry paste, cumin and garam masala and toast the spices for about a minute. add the tomato purée and let caramelize. deglaze with the broth and add the coconut milk. stir in the cauliflower, chickpeas and tomatoes and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. season with more garam masala and salt, add harissa or chili paste if a little heat is needed. just before serving, add the spinach, stir into the curry so that it wilts. serve immediately, with some basmati rice on the side and with some fresh cilantro sprinkled on top.
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