new look on fork and flower!

new year – same shit? no, no. certainly not in my life… (excursus: well, technically speaking… it’s new year, new shit..? but then again, let’s not be misses knows-it-all… only semantics…). in fact, my life needs new, shiny, bright and goooood things. silver linings, you know? alas, as you’ve been informed, the new blog look. yay! yay some more! and a hoorayy! clapclap. okay, enough of the jumping with joy… i’m panting already.
so yes, it’s here, and the very sweet, very talented happy menocal (pinch me!) created it for me. i couldn’t be happier about the result. and the coolest bit about it? it’s a seasonal logo! what you see here is the winter edition, with mistletoe (for the record: i love mistletoe). eep! meaning there will be a spring, a summer and a fall version as the year is rolling on. that was happy’s idea, and isn’t she brilliant? so i’ll be able to surprise you with a new look every few months. ooh, the thought that you might just like it a teensy bit and enjoy this space here even more – well it cheers me up immensely!
apart from that, there will be some changes to the sub chapters (i still don’t know what they’re called in proper ‘blogish’… chapters? slides? features? categories? must consult one of our nerdy techie guys here at the agency, asap). but you will just have to wait and see. all good things come to those who wait – and read blogs. that’s a fact (proven by moi). please be patient in case not everything works or looks right… my html blaa knowledge aren’t really the best (read: inexistent). all in due time…

so far: enjoy the season while it lasts! mistletoe-season! and kiss, kiss a lot – under mistletoes or wherever, whenever. xo

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