new year’s resolution & porridge (with almond butter)

that’s what i plan to eat, every morning, come 2013: porridge (with almond butter). because it’s really healthy and makes me feel so good. okay, so it’s a pretty tough resolution, considering i mostly eat breakfast ‘on the go’… let’s move to more feasible resolutions:
  1. eat healthy breakfasts
  2. drink tea whenever possible
  3. read more children’s books
  4. say ‘i love you’ a lot
  5. learn to take better pictures (this blogging provides a constant learning curve)
  6. buy a dozen new cookbooks (okay, that’s easy)
  7. do something i’ve never done before
  8. dance the night away, at least once (haven’t done that in a while…)
  9. be there for friends
  10. be grateful for each blessing
do you have any new year’s resolutions? if so, what about? 
happy new year’s eve! as always, thank you for reading. see you next year (if you like). 
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