on birthdays…

i might as well spill the beans: it’s my birthday today. and though i’m technically freaking out about not really comfortable with turning thirty, i try to enjoy this day. after all, i will never be younger than now (i hate this saying – but it’s kind of true anyway, duh). might as well enjoy it while it lasts. so okay, i’m thirty now. there. so that’s that.
how do i feel, you want to know? go figure, i still feel like i’m eighteen (my tiny wrinkles around the eyes would object… ahem). i still wear neon undies. i still don’t like to go to the cellar all on my own (especially when it’s dark). i avoid phone calls whenever possible. eating maccaroons (in pretty pastels) makes me feel slightly daredevilish and frivolous. morning is still my friend (after all, i was born at 5am…). basically, i’m still the same scarlett – only with better facial cream *makingafaceatyou*.
so now that you know and all (and now that my blog ‘about’ will have to change from ‘twentysomething blogger’ to ‘not-twentysomething-anymore blogger’), we can move on. alright? i’m thirty. no biggie. let me have my cake and get it over with. tomorrow’s a new day – if the world will still exist, that is… 
note: it would be kind of a fulminant end to everything, and, uhm, my life… i guess, this apocalypse thing. not that i’m expecting a big bash, mind… see you tomorrow! *wave* thank you for reading.
picture source: call me cupcake *
*like every year, i planned to make my own mini birthday cake. with at least twentyseven layers, lots of sprinkles, some bunting and gold dust, naturally. eventually, i gave up this plan (like always). christmas (and baby jesus’  birthday, for that matter) got in the way, somehow. maybe next year. in the meantime, this one from call me cupcake comes pretty close to the one i’d make for moi même. tiny, but decadent. ahaha.
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