holiday reads and to dos

this year, i will totally not do anything big during the holidays… that is, i’ve definitely got plans as to where to stay and all, but mostly, i just want to unwind and be ‘off’ everything. off the internet (sorry, guys… i’ll recap in january, though), off the phone, off work, of the city i live in and the hustle and bustle of everyday life in general. it will be relaxation and old fashioned entertainment, all over again! here’s a list of things i’m going to do (start date: 25th):
1. listen to cheesy music – and maybe make a few new playlists for the car
2. cook a stew or some other rustic, wintery one-pot dish (involving a bottle of wine in the cooking process)
3. write a letter & get started with my handlettering project (it’s an eternal project…)
4. overdress for no particular reason, just because it’s the holidays
5. splurge on something luxurious and exaggerated (i’m thinking maybe a new handbag… oh-oh…)
6. eat lots of candy; and that’s that
7. watch some classic movies, like this all time favorite movie of mine: ‘a christmas story’
8. make a fire with proper logs and everything – and sip at a festive drink
9. go for a wintery walk in the snow (i’m dreaming of a white christmas all the time)
10. 7. read a stack full of good books, obviously *
* among the stacks of books i got for the holidays are the wildwood chronicles. i’m halfway through the first volume – and i’m obsessed! the chronicle is written by colin meloy (by the way the songwriter and lead singer of the band ‘the decemberists’, that i adore!). it’s actually a children’s book (many of my favorite books are, by the way), evolving about a hidden forest and its inhabitants. mystic, enchanting and so, so sweet! and don’t get me started on the illustrations, and the overall look of the book. this will look so good in my (future, new, huhum) bookshelf.
another book on the stack is ‘james and the giant peach’ by roald dahl (my favorite author). i haven’t read it in ages, and it’s definitely time for some dahl…there’s also some tolstoi (anna karenina), that i borroughed from my mom, to be considered. since i’ve just seen the movie and heard it’s nothing like the book, i’m curious. i want to know for myself.

yeah, i guess my suitcase will be heavy… sighs.

note to self: consider an e-reader, now and forever? my suitcase would be so much less heavy! oh my word. but giving up real books…? i’m just not ready now, i’m just not ready… because what would i take pictures of for you, then? a screen shot of my e-reader? honestly… 

anywy… the holidays will be most fabulous. and i can’t wait! i am even at peace with my approaching (thirtiest! eep!) birthday (this friday). hey, you simply can’t have it all, even at christmas. 

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