merry giftmas III

personally, i’m a huge fan of gold and yellow tones, anyway. also, you can never go wrong with a decadent little treat – and what shouts ‘glamour’ better than sparkly and shiny? here are a few last minute gift ideas, for those undecided or constantly overly busy types (read: me). though i try hard to start early, life always gets in the way… but anyway. opt for a scented candle, or a lush (seasonally flavored is a plus) beauty product, like this gingerbread man set from the body shop. i bet you’ll even please the toughest diva with these ideas. happy weekend, everyone! make sure to squeeze in some quality time (you know, candle burning, cup of tea, cookies, legs up, good read…) in between all the pre holiday hassle…!

1 taxi mittens
2 crystal gold studs
3 sparkly champagne glasses
4 bird cocktail ring
5 cire trudon scendted candle
6 the body shop beauty set
7 smythson iphone sleeve

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