merry giftmas I

let’s be honest: it’s almost as good to give than to receive… but still, christmas with the many obligatory gifts can be quite stressful and quite complex. so as a good guide to find the perfect gift, i often end up thinking: what would i like to have? i know, it sounds a bit self-centered… but it’s still a rule of thumb that often works. like, consider your home. what is always lacking? like table linen, or a colorful, seasonal throw? or special, tiny plates, or a scented candle? other people will experience the same and miss the same things in their home. another good idea is to give crafty things that people don’t already have but would maybe consider to tap into, once they have the necessary tools. like a calligraphy set with colorful ink. though i’m mainly making preserves, pickles, chutney and sweet treats to give this year – here are some things on my list, that i’d definitely buy for my loved ones – and myself, too. all in universal, soft colors, that blend easily with every home interior or pesonal style.

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