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i’ve been thinking about when to reveal this news… well, i never found the right moment. but it’s sort of coming closer and closer, the big moment, and kind of inevitable in the process to share it here with you. though i suspect many of my ‘readers’ to just ‘look’ at the pictures (as i, admittedly, do with many blogs i love, dearly), i know of a few who are very attentive readers and are accompanying me on- and offline through this experience of being a blogger (it still sounds strange to my ears…). and i was wondering what you’d say to this piece of news? but let me tell you one thing after another…
within the past 2.5 (wow…) years of writing this blog, beautiful inside my head (short: BIMH) it’s been a great adventure and also (honestly) a life-changing experience for me (read here why i love it so much). truth be told: i started this blog with no clue about blogs (in general) and no clue as to what exactly i wanted to do with it. and frankly speaking i didn’t know anything about photography (not unessential for a food blogger, turns out. ahem…). but back then, well, my blog just really only seemed like a diary. i felt like sharing some of the beautiful things i encountered in my life. so, back then, it seemed like a good idea to call it ‘beautiful inside my head’. i soon found out, however, that what i really wanted to do is cook, and talk about food, and serve people, and of course to document that and share it with likeminded people (read: you). so the focus of my blog has kind of shifted. and now i need a new ‘vessel’ for all my food-centered ideas… and in the process, a few things on here will change… soo… here’s what’s going to happen::
a new name: fork and flower 
so yes, it’s obvious we need a new name for the new future that’s ahead of us… after long and hard thinking (okay, i totally didn’t have to think a lot, but you don’t have to know that…) i came up with ‘fork and flower’. basically because it combines two things i really like: food & styling. and the perfect dinner like totally needs a nice bunch of flowers on the table, too. but… there is time for more blah-di-blah another time. for now, that will just have to do. and in the process, i‘m going to move my blog address to my own domain i already got my own domain (ta-daah!), with the new blog adress and everything! 
how to find forkandflower.com
i kinda hope you still find your way to this site, just like before (at least that’s what google promised me will happen…). so you should be able to find me under ‘beautiful inside my head’ – and you’ll be forwarded directly to forkandflower.com. brilliant, right? same holds true for bloglovin’ and other subscriptions. well, it’s still a bit scary, to be  honest… and probably not everything will work perfectly from the first moment on. but hey… we’ll manage. it’s always a process, and we’re only at the start here… so, please bear with me! 

an adequate new look (coming soon)

of course, i’ve also got a few tricks up my sleeve… like a new, shiny logo! but let me keep that a bit of a secret, still… (oh, it’s so much fun to tease you, haha).
my own, tiny little restaurant (read: a supper club) – in my home
i knooooow! so exciting, right? ‘fork and flower – the secret supper club chez moi will start in january 2013. dito, news will be announced another time (i don’t want to strain you too much for now).
so, in short (for those short-cut readers…): just remember that there is a new name for this site, and it’s forkandflower.com! for now, i just ask you to bear with me, and be a little patient if not everything is looking so good during the move. i’ll promise to still provide you with some mouthwatering dishes in the process! that’s something i can assure (some already lined up).
sending you all my love, thank you for reading
ps: yayyy! so excited! uhm, i said that, i know… okay, ta!

picture source: old pictures from a vintage post of mine (chuckle)

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