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there are so many things i am thankful for… and with thanksgiving approaching so quickly, it’s a good time to make a note of it. so here are the three things i am currently thankful for:

– the good food (like this lavish dinner for myself at london’s nopi) in my life
– amazing highlights ahead (some of them still in 2012, some of them early in 2013)
– foggy winter mornings, early darkness and cosy candlelit evenings – to spend in my beautiful home
even though technically we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in switzerland, it’s one of my favorite holidays (not least because of the good, good food!). sadly, this year i won’t be hosting or attending a thanksgiving related dinner. sad, i know. though i’ve (in past years) made the odd turkey (some even didn’t fit in the oven, ahem…), i would by no means consider myself an expert (at turkey). but i sure as hell know how to put together side dishes, oh yes. 
here is a tiny selection of ten dishes i made in the past, that would be great for a thanksgiving feast. in case you need some last minute inspiration.

oven glazed carrots with feta
maple roasted cabbage with caramelized hazelnuts
baked sweet potato with spiced yogurt & grapes
garlicky sauteed rainbow chard
orange thyme beetroot salad
potato crisps with tahini yogurt dressing
confit artichokes
white bean & roasted garlic hummus
moroccan carrot salad
lemony roasted potatoes

ps: gee, wow, i managed to incorporate not only one but two lists into one post… call me a sucker for lists, i guess you’ve got enough evidence. also, i hope you don’t mind my neurosis to keep things tidy…

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