imagine… chalet getaway

imagine… you’d be invited to stay at a hidden chalet somewhere in the woods… to me this feels like the perfect scenario for a weekend (or week, for that matter) getaway right now. include a fireplace and a good book – and i’m sold! i’d definitely be wearing a loose, casual, flannel tartan shirt, some functional winter boots (good for long walks), and a very warm jacket. we would eat: anything simple, rustic, modern, like a ‘naked’ (i.e. not frosted) four-layer cake, maybe with gingerbread biscuits, and lots of cinnamon whipped cream. and for the occasion i’d definitely bring the new ‘what katie ate’ cookbook (though, sadly, i don’t have it yet). and well, the peacefulness of the lonely woods would have to be enjoyed on the open terrasse, under a heavy blanket, with a cup of glögg or glühwein, naturally. anyone need convincing?

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