folk favorite in october: benjamin francis leftwich

when i’m cooking (which is most nights), and there isn’t anyone around, i need a bit of background chitchat (usually the tv, if possible a cooking show. i know, weird on some level…). or listening to music. music meaning: only really ever folk music for me, if you don’t mind.
benjamin francis leftwich… what can i say. his music is warm, relaxing, emotional. his voice is like balm for my soul. my favorite song from his (what, three?) albums is ‘box of stones’. the only thing that’s wrong with it is that it’s too short (that’s why i put it on repeat, on end).
i guess it’s quite a sad song? but hey, it’s sort of an outlet for me. when i listen to sad music i can put my emotion into the music – and afterwards i’m not sad anymore. it’s folk therapy.
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