cookbook review: the modern pantry

yup, another one. another cookbook review. it’s just the only (proper) thing i shopped for in london. actually, i took a whole load full of cookbooks, and some jelly beans, and some fudge, and some spices… with me. oh and the cookbooks? yes, they make me smile with pride.
especially this one here, from the modern pantry. it’s got personal signatures and greetings in it from the chefs! serious big deal! i will never forget this awesome experience. i learned so much. well, okay, i am still kind of freaking out when i have a very big and very sharp knife in my hands… but… cooking just feels somewhat even better since. i’m just so inspired, and so keen beyond meausure, and so in love with food. so… thank you guys! thank you anna, candi, rob, luca, liam, josh, flo, denis, terry, ali and everyone else who was willing (or forced, laugh) to put up with me. 
here are a few impressions of my two favorite (so far) recipes: the confit artichokes (i already tried) and the banana pudding (which i also already made, and it really is good, oh boy… but the pictures didn’t turn out so well sadly, might have to do it again). the first two of many, many more to come, i’m sure. uhm, here’s to hoping anna and her team have got some more recipes in store for a second book…! eep!
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