cookbook review: arabesque

usually, i am pretty happy with ‘simple’ (i.e. vegetable centered) food. a plate of roasted cauliflower is just fine with me on most nights. if, however, i want to add a little twist or a special something to a dinner (particularly when friends are visiting) i find myself often relying on middle eastern staples. dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, labneh or a special flatbread add a nice, exotic touch to conventional every-day things. 
so, when i spotted this cookbook, arabesque, at the petersham nurseries (the cookbook was written by the nurseries’ current chef, greg malouf), i couldn’t withstand. it offers a collection of middle eastern recipes, presented in a way that they can easily keep up with today’s reduced yet effective cooking trends and styles. the dishes’ contemporariness is what drew me in. in fact, the cookbook was written some 10 or 15 years ago first, by malouf, and has now been reeditet and the pictures were done again. i love how the dishes feel exotic – but how easily they transition into your everyday kitchen routine is what makes them so appealing.
highly recommened for any food lover who wants to adapt a few more things with a guaranteed ‘aaaah-factor’.
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