london diary III: more cityscapes

‘when a man’s tired of london, he’s tired of life’ – dr. samuel johnson
isn’t that just so true… i, for sure, can never get enough of this city. my heart was jumping with joy and aching with longing at the same time just while editing these pictures here. everything i experienced there burnt itself into my memory so intensely. so many colorful corners, crazy contrasts, dirty little fun things. i could browse and roam cities all day through my camera’s lens. also, it’s pretty obvious by now that i’ve got a ridiculous fondness for kitschy & shabby street art. bring it on, london!
1 china town & w hotel // 2 gherkin and the city // 3 iconic street sign // 4 notting hill & the portobello market with its candy colored houses // 5 east london street art I // 6 china town II // 7 more china town signs // 8 + 9 more east london street art // 10 a dirty pub sign // 11 a giant rat (luckily that one won’t bite) // 12 a fantastic dirty restaurant with art all over – the meatwagon // 13 our food at the meatwagon: meat (sorry, i had to sneak in some food, it was that good…! will show some more foodie related pics asap) // 14 piccadilly circus 
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