a sunday at petersham nurseries

as beautiful as london is, and as much as i love this city… there are times when you need to escape. we did just that; and took advantage of a beautiful late summer sunday to make an escape to richmond, london. to the petersham nurseries, to be precise. a dreamy, offside garden hide-away, in midst of pots and plants. so relaxing and peaceful. and the food…! oh, the food. have a loot at it for yourself. we had: 

raw baby vegetables served in a clay pot, with baba ganoush
whole artichoke with mustard dressing
risotto with herbs
flower salad
roasted stuffed red peppers
roasted quail with flowers
a limeaid with mint
and some more good, healthy things. (side note: to be honest, i didn’t get to eat that much healthy food in london… i was too busy and too distracted… oh, and the flapjacks, that i discovered… those certainly didn’t help much either…). the cookbook i acquired there, arabesque, by greg & lucy malouf (the chefs at the petersham nurseries café) will soon be featured and reviewed here. it will be good! it’s currently my good-night-lecture, accounting for a lot of sweet dreams, indeed…
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