london diary part I: the modern pantry

this first week in london went by so quickly… ‘work’ at the modern pantry was so much fun! so many nice faces, nice insights. and still so much to learn! on top of that, london simply is my kind of town. i feel home here, although i’ve never before spent an awful lot of time here (except for a few short days in a row every time). it’s just overwhelming. every corner offers inspiration. so… i’m sorry i didn’t get to blogging and showing you pictures yet! i’ve been busy collecting inspiration so far. and be assured: there is plenty of material to treat you to some really good london posts. so exciting! for now, i’m gonna go to bed early(-ish), as i want to be super fresh for tomorrow’s new ‘work’-week (i take this thing super seriously, and it’s so much fun). 
so, i thought i’d start with impressions from the modern pantry itself. look at this laid-back style! it really creates an atmosphere of being in someone’s home. we went dining there on saturday night (i was nervous, laugh) – and boy, was it good! the crew/chefs (i love to call them my mates already) were so nice – all of the week, actually – but they gave us special treatment. they served us everything on the menu, can you believe that? literally everything! we almost rolled home. only almost. here are a few pictures, tbc. see you soon, guys! ta!
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