a cooking adventure begins: the modern pantry

hello dears! my mini cooking stage at the modern pantry restaurant in london is about to start, soon! to be precise: i’m leaving for london on friday night – and i will be back two weeks later. sadly, my holidays will be mostly used up afther the two weeks, so i wasn’t able to go for much longer. but two weeks should be enough to take home a lot of inspiration, a pinch of know-how, a few new techniques and some behind the scenes stories, directly from a professional restaurant’s kitchen! hooray!
my (and everyone else’s, for that) guess is i’ll also be pretty humbled by this experience… to be a chef sure is the toughest job in the world! still, all this, plus the backache i get from standing in a kitchen for too long, or cuts from (very sharp) knives and scratches from fish, burnt hands from oven and pans, soiled finger nails from artichokes, or sweaty and greasy hair from standing at the stove all day… well, it hasn’t stopped me from loving this world and dreaming of it incessantly. now, finally, my dream comes true and i can be part of it – if only for two weeks.
so, anyway… i’m excited! i guess that much is clear. so if you’re looking for me within the next two weeks, i’ll be there, in this first picture, right next to the lovely tea time arrangement. drooling! well… technically, i’ll probably be covered in tomato sauce and sweat somewhere in the hidden corners of the smokey kitchen… not so glamorous… but that’s just as well, if not better. so, if you miss me, please stop by as i will make sure to post some pictures and updates whenever i find the time. also, you can follow me on instagram (my user name is @beautifulinside) which will be fed on a regular basis. 
sending you love, some rosewater-pickled cherry-greetings* and a hug!
scarlett, the aspirational chef*
* i think the modern pantry uses them for some thing or other.. i’ve spotted a container labelled with this on their gallery. holy dessert, can i try first, please?
** okay, let’s not overdo it, i will be the help to the help of the aspirational chef, rather… laugh! but hey, i’m aspirational, and i’m in a kitchen, surrounded by real (sic!) chefs…! chefs! what more can you possibly ask for? eh, see?
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