red currant baiser cake

just looking at these pictures now, i am drooling over my keyboard… nice. and oh so ladylike. anyhow, so i spent a really nice evening yesterday with a friend (and i actually did succeed in being ladylike, for a few hours, cough). it never fails to amaze me how beautiful (from the outside as much as from the inside) friends i have. those girls sure make a boring day glamorous, time and time again! and the realisation: some girly chit-chat lifts the soul higher. 
but… it also made me aware that i’ve probably written too many not so positive things and sorry stories in the past few days and weeks. am i really this depressed? no, i’m not at all, in fact. it just all sums up to the fact: i need a holiday! is all. but i’m perfectly happy with my life, in fact, some things have never been better. 
but now i won’t folter you anymore. here’s the recipe for the (german, again) cake recipe /again from my dear, passed away aunt herta). enjoy!
red currant baiser cake

160 g flour
100 g butter
100 g sugar
100 g ground hazelnuts
2 egg yolks
optional: a bit of milk or water, if too firm
350 g red currants, washed
180 g sugar
4 egg whites
preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius. line a spring form with parchment paper. combine the butter and the flour (with your hands). add the sugar and the nuts and the yolks. combine well. then spread out onto the spring form (with no rim), press firm. bake for 20 to 30 minutes, until the bottom is very dark and caramelized (otherwise it won’t be half as good, my mom points out all the time). remove from the oven. 
destem the red currants and spread them evenly on the (still warm) pastry bottom. combine the egg whites with sugar and whip stiff. spread the egg whites onto the currants with a spatula, creating some peaks (like little snowed-on mountain peaks). now add the upper grill function in the oven. bake until the baiser / egg whites on top are golden and firm. remove and let cool.
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